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This sleek, built-in induction hob from AEG has got all of your cooking needs covered. From a modern aesthetic to powerful induction heating, its range of features will create a happier kitchen.

Efficient, Easy Cooking

Heat your food faster than ever with the four burner IKB64401XB. Offering precise heat adjustments, it works alongside your culinary skills to produce the finest textures and tastes. It’s also energy-efficient and accommodates for busy, working lives by reducing the time you spend in the kitchen. Stressful cooking will be a thing of the past with this up-to-date technology.

Sleek, Modern Features

Turn your friend's and family’s heads with the black glass surface and stainless steel trim on this AEG hob. Any kitchen will look state-of-the-art with this contemporary addition.

Tired of waiting around for pots to come to the boil? Make this a distant memory with the PowerBoost button, which supplies an instant burst of heat to boil water in under 90 seconds. Faster than a kettle, this AEG hob is perfect for boiling potatoes, stir-frying noodles and searing meat – all with extra speed.

You’ll also find the exclusive Hob2Hood feature on the IKB64401XB, which connects your hob and hood. Once linked up, your hood fan speed will adjust both wirelessly and automatically. Get ready for the optimum cooking environment without having to press a button.

Take Control

Have more control over your cooking with the induction hob’s adjustable timer, which can be set for up to 99 minutes. Also usable as a minute minder if you’ve not got the burners going, the IKB64401XB can remind you of cooking times accurately. This will help you manage multiple dishes – so you won’t lose track of what’s cooking.

Plus, touch controls will give you a more personal and exciting culinary experience. Control up to four heating zones with just a flick of the finger.

The perfect addition to a modern kitchen, this AEG Induction Hob will keep your home satisfied. Discover a more enjoyable cooking experience – order one today.