Hoover Built In 9kg 1500 Spin Washing Machine

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Wash all your laundry in one go with this built-in Hoover washing machine. Designed with a 9 kg hold capacity, the HBWM915D80 is perfect for large families. Its A+++ energy efficiency rating is also great for your pockets and the environment. You’ll find an impressive 1500 spin speed too, for a more powerful wash.

The Hoover HBWM915D80 is exclusive to Euronics and Agent stores, so you won’t find this model at any other retailer.

Family-friendly Washing Machine

This family-friendly hoover washing machine has a stylish white design and modern LED display panel – a wonderful addition to any household. It comes with 17 programmes, including:

  • Cotton
  •  Hand Wash
  • Delicate Wash
  • Rinse Cycle
  • Eco, and many more

In a rush? Do your laundry in as little as 14 minutes with the Quick Wash feature. You can also set a delayed start for up to 23 hours.

And, measuring 82 cm x 59.6 cm x 54.5 cm, the HBWM915D80 will fit into most kitchens and utility rooms with ease.  

Innovative Features and Programmes

The Hoover HBWM915D80 includes a range of innovative features. Enhance your laundry experience and ensure your clothes come out in tip-top condition.

  • Aquaplus: This feature washes your laundry in a larger quantity of water to ensure efficient cleaning. It works by combining a special agitation of the drum when water is filled and empties when the detergent has dissolved.
  • Easy Iron: Tired of your freshly washed clothes coming out crumpled? Easy Iron mode allows you to minimise creases as much as possible. It eliminates intermediate spins throughout the wash cycle or reduces the final spin’s intensity.
  • Daily 59 Minute Wash: If you have a small, lightly soiled load, this option is perfect. You can wash up to 3 kg of cotton, synthetics and mixed fabrics – all in less than an hour.  

Hoover’s HBWM915D80 built-in washing machine is ideal for larger families. Its high load capacity and energy rating will save you both time and money. Shop now.